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The Story


When we purchased JT Archery from John Tieden in January of 2010 we asked ourselves, "What kind of archery shop would we want come to?" We set out to create a shop that would be comfortable and helpful for both the beginner and the seasoned hunter. We began with an addition to the existing shop by adding a bigger and better range, as well as a TechnoHUNT virtual hunting simulator.  We also increased the number of products on offer. But we weren't content to offer just any products. We insisted on stocking our shelves with gear that we personally used and believed in. We offer some of the finest, toughest products in the archery and hunting industries. Each of our staff members brings an excitement and passion for hunting, shooting, and quality gear. 

We are a full service Pro Shop, offering outstanding service with a eye for detail and customer satisfaction. We will make sure that you are set up with the right gear to kill the buck of a lifetime or for having fun with family and friends shooting in the backyard. What ever your skill level you will always be welcomed with fun friendly service.

Willy Lines

As a child I watched in awe as my Dad set out hunting every fall, finally I was old enough to go along.  I soon realized my true love for archery that has only grown stronger through the years. I love the challenge of the hunt and especially the quiet satisfaction of archery hunting. When my good friend Jason and I had a chance to buy an archery shop we knew we had to take a shot. This adventure has been amazing, we are humbled by our loyal customers and so appreciative of the ability to introduce archery to all ages. Please stop in and we'll teach you about the mystical flight of the arrow.


Jason Stepp

My love for archery started when I was very young. My first bow was a $20 recurve and I was extremely good at loosing arrows. Not coming from a hunting family my best friends introduced me to my greatest passion hunting!!!  Once I started I was hooked. My first passion is pheasant and waterfowl hunting and that grew into big game and turkey hunting. I have been fortunate to hunt in many different states for many different species. My love for the sport has trickled over to my very understanding wife and my young son and daughter. We all enjoy shooting 3D shoots as a family. The most rewarding part of owning an archery pro shop is helping and teaching new shooters, young and old enjoy the sport that  I love so much. I want to thank you for your interest and we hope to see you very soon.

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